The Tango Fire Company of Buenos Aires ensemble consists of four of Argentina's finest young musicians. Together they give their interpretation of traditional and contemporary tangos. All virtuosos in their own right, their music enlivens and enriches the audiences experience of Tango Fire. The musicians are an emotive element in an intricate and symbiotic relationship between music, sensuality of dance and the poetry of the songs, which is Argentine Tango.

Hugo Satorre- Bandoneon - 2017 Tours

Clemente Carrascal- Bandoneon - 2018 Tours

Gemma Scalia - Violin

Matias Feigin - Piano

Facundo Benavidez - Contrabass

Quarteto Fuego

HUGO SATORRE - Bandoneon


Born in Buenos Aires Hugo Satorre has performed in some of the most prestigious theatres and concert halls throughout the worldincluding Sydney Opera House, The Esplanade (Singapore), Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles), el Teatro Colón (Buenos Aires), the Shangai Oriental Art Center (Shangai). In March 2012 he accompanied tenor Placido Domingo on a stage set up in the widest avenue in Buenos Aires, 9 de Julio Av., in front of 120,000 people. In 2016 he released his first solo album, an album dedicated solely to the works of the master musical arranger Maximo Mori. He is one of the original members of Orquesta Victoria and of the 2013 Latin Grammy nominee "Duo Ramírez-Satorre" together with Adrián Ramírez. He is also part of numerous musically diverse projects. He's finishing his undergraduate course in Argentine Music at Universidad de San Martín. Hugo first joined the company in 2005.


2018 TOURS - USA

Clemente was born in Patagonia in southern Argentina. As a teenager he travelled to Buenos Aires to pursue his passion for Tango. He studied Bandoneon at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory under Master Rodoflo Daluisio and then continued his studies with Masters Nestor Marconi and Julio Pane. He participated in the prestigious 10th formation of the orchestra at Emilio Balcarce’s School of Tango led by Master Nestor Marconi.

He has worked at the best Tango houses in Buenos Aires, featuring as a guest artist at Michelangelo, Gala Tango, La Ventana and the mythical Tortoni Café. Clemente has performed in several distinguished orchestras Juan Darienzo, Bien Pulenta Quartett, Julian Hermida Quintett, Alejandro Ziegler Quartet and Typical Orchestra Sans Souci. He has participated at the Patagonian Festival of Tango in Bariloche, Argentina and the International Tango Festival of Porto Alegre in Brazil. Clemente’s playing is featured in the 2015 film "Our Last Tango" by Juan Carlos Copes and Maria Nieves, and he is regularly hired as a session musician for different Tango groups.

Presently he is a musician in El Querandi Tango house, plays in Pablo Valle sextet and amongst many other projects.

In 2013 Clemente joined Tango Fire.

Gemma Scalia – Violin

Gemma Scalia born in the city of General Roca, Rio Negro, Argentina, graduated from the Patagonia University of Arts where she studied violin under the guidance of Elvira Faseeva and Vitali Bujiashvily (from Russia).

In 2008 she moved to Buenos Aires to continue her studies with Daniel Robuschi and Nicholas Giordano. Gemma studied Tango with violinists Ramiro Gallo, Leonardo Ferreyra and Guillermo Rubino, joining the Orchestra School of Tango Emilio Balcarce under the direction of Maestro Victor Lavallen. She recorded with his orchestra, "Mistonguero" winning the 2014 Gardel Award for Best Tango Instrumental Album.

Gemma has performed in Cátulo Tango, Elvino Vardaro’s Orchestra, Camerata Almagro’s Tango Orchestra Sans Souci, Agustin Guerrero‘s Orchestra, Walter "Chino" Laborde and the Federal Tango Orchestra under the direction of Raul Garello and Osvaldo Piro . Emma has participated in snumerous recordings and orchestras of traditional and contemporary Tango performing in the most importnt theaters and festivals in Argentinan Tango.


Pianist, Musical Director, Arranger and Composer. Matias started his piano studies in popular music with Gabriel Mourelos, he then studied classical music with Antonio De Raco and Nilda Somma. Matias has been Musical Director of many different bands in Argentina including Tangabile and the Julian Hermida Quartet. He was a member of Estacion Gotan a government cultural project and participated as a judge at the Patagonic Folklore & Tango Festival. Matias performs at the most important theatres & Tango houses in Buenos Aires, Cafe Tortoni, Piazzolla Tango, Taconeando, Lola Membrives Theatre and Broadway Theatre. He also accompanies renowned artists such as Alberto Podestá, Juan Carlos Godoy and Virgina Luque.. He has toured internationally across five continents. Presently he has his own quartet playing original compositions and arrangements and has been teaching piano at the Beethoven Conservatory for the past 10 years.

Matias joined Tango Fire in 2013.


Facundo was born in Buenos Aires in 1981. As a student at the Conservatory of Music his mentors were Manuel de Falla and Juan José Castro. He studied composition and arrangement with Roberto Pansera and bass with Masters Daniel Cucci and Pablo Chaile.

He is a music teacher for the General Directorate of Schools of the Province of Buenos Aires. Facundo performs in famous Tango houses in Buenos Aires regularly including La Cumparsita, Boca Tango, Esquina Tango, Candilejas and the tiny Bar Sur.

Working internationally with renowned Tango artists Alberto Podestá, Roberto Pansera, Juan Carlos Godoy, Enrique Dumas, María Garay, Abel Cordoba and Alberto Bianco, Facundo has toured extensively. The highlights being Silvio Soldan and the Stars of Tango in Chile and Bolivia under the direction of maestro Adolfo Gomez, Tango Orchestra Medellin in Colombia and Hugo Pagano Quartet in Japan.

Facundo joined Tango Fire in 2013.