The Company

The Tango Fire Company of Buenos Aires was conceived in 2005 with its world premiere in Singapore. In that same year, the show was presented at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it received critical acclaim, resulting in engagements in the most prestigious venues around the world. The company has toured the world extensively over the past 11 years. Tango Fire’s choreographer is International Tango Superstar German Cornejo. The individual couples in the company choreograph their own solos with German Cornejo refining the steps, as is traditional in the world of Argentine Tango. Allowing the couples creative freedom creates a showcase of the 5 couples individual styles, making Tango Fire Company of Buenos Aires unique in the world of Tango.


The Singer

Jesus Hidalgo

Jesus Hidalgo started singing lessons with Jorge Monaco at the age of 13. He won many solo competitions which enabled him to tour Europe.

He learnt from Emilio Balcarce & Walter Rivers who were both a great influence on his career touring extensively with the Walter Rivers orchestra. He was soloist with the orchestra of the School of Tango in Buenos Aires and has performed at the Colon Theatre in Buenos Aires. Jesus has toured extensively in Japan, Spain, Brazil & Italy. In 2008 he featured on a version of the Argentine National Anthem with Mercedes Sosa.

As part of the 2015 International Tango Festival in Buenos Aires, Jesus starred in a performance under the direction of Maestro Raul Garello at Luna Park Stadium. In November of the same year he sang for President Kirchner as part of a cultural program. Presently Jesus is a regular at Catullus Tango the famous Tango house in the barrio of Abasto in Buenos Aires.

Jesus joined the Tango Fire Company of Buenos Aires in early 2010.

The Dancers

Sebastian Alvarez & Victoria Saudelli

Victoria began dancing when she was only 11 years old, while Sebastián started at aged 13. In 1998, Sebastián & Victoria joined their incredible talents and skills to win the New Milongueros Generation Award and the Azul de Tango Competition, and have been dancing together ever since. In 2000, they joined Tango company Buenos Aires Tango 2000 representing the Buenos Aires city government at the Song Festival opening in Egypt.

In November 2005, they performed for the heads of state at the 4th Summit of the Americas held in Mar del Plata Argentina. Sebastian & Victoria were special guest dancers for Deep Purples concert in Buenos Aires in 2006.

They have toured with Sólo Tango taking them around Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Latvia, Russia, and finishing in Moscow with a sold out show at the Kremlin Theatre.

Some of the many events and shows that have showcased Sebastián & Victoria’s great dancing, are the opening night of the famous Argentine TV show Susana Giménez, homages to Astor Piazzola and Eladia Blázquez, dancing with renowned singer Sandra Mihanovich and Gloria Estefan’s tune El día que me quieras. They performed at the Boxing World Championship at Luna Park Stadium in Buenos Aires in 2013, with famous Argentine boxer Omar Narváez vying for the title.

They have been permanent cast members of Esquina de Gardel Tango house since 2004, touring South America and Europe.

Sebastián & Victoria have been permanent members of Tango Fire since 2008.

Marcos Esteban Roberts & Louise Junqueira Malucelli

Marcos and Louise began dancing Tango professionally in 2005 as members of Ballet Mora Godoy in Buenos Aires. Marcos performed in the popular Tango show Tanguera and together they joined Bien de Tango, Tangorama, Puerto Buenos Aires, Tango Encounters, Tango Seduction, Bien Argentin’ and Argentine Bicentennial show at the Stade de France (Paris) with Walter Rios where they were assistant directors and lead dancers. They have toured extensively around the world performing in Brazil, Korea, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Bosnia, Serbia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Czech Republic. In 2014 they became regular performers at the famous Tango house Señor Tango, where they were the Assistant Directors and performed in the stage show Tango Mendoza directed by Flávio Stravaganza.

Louise & Marcos featured in the advertising campaign for the singing sensation Il Divo promoting their shows in Buenos Aires in 2015. Louise received the 2016 "Carlos" award for best dancer in the city of Carlos Paz with the show Stravaganza Tango. Currently Marcos & Louise are the Artistic Directors of the show "Casa do Rio" in the cities of Morretes and Parana. Marcos and Louise joined Tango Fire Company in 2011.

Ezequiel Lopez & Camila Alegre

Ezequiel & Camila are recognized as one of Buenos Aires best Tango couples. Between touring internationally they have worked in some of the most famous Tango houses in Buenos Aires including Café Tortoni, Esquina Carlos Gardel Show, Tango Porteño, Madero Tango, Café de Los Angelitos, Rojo Tango Faena Hotel and Piazzolla Tango. Since 2008 they have toured Internationally with different Tango companies; Tango Malambo (Greece), Chicago Tango Fest (Chicago), Tango Romance (Japan), Obsesion Tango (Mexico), Corporación Tangos (Russia) and Tanguera (Germany). They were assistant choreographers in Stravaganza Tango Musical in Buenos Aires.
In 2010 they performed in the closing ceremony of the Rugby World Championship staged at Stade de France (Paris). They participated in the documentary Un Tango Más, the history of María Nieves and Juan Carlos Copes.

In 2012 Ezequiel was chosen as a participant of the US reality TV show Que ViVA, created and directed by Jennifer López and Marc Antony, winning a position to perform in the live stage show in Las Vegas.

In early 2015 they joined Tango Fire and were crowned Tango World Champions later in the same year.

Eber Burger & Sabrina Nogueira

Eber began his Tango training at the age of 11, while Sabrina started her studies in classical ballet at 8 years old at the Colon Theater Superior Institute of Art in Buenos Aires, then at 17 she started her Tango studies. Sabrina was a member of the under 16 ballet troupe of the renowned Argentine ballet dancer Julio Bocca, later becoming a member of the corps de ballet of the most famous Opera House in South America, Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires.

They have worked in some of the most famous Tango houses in Buenos Aires including Señor Tango, Tango Porteño and Esquina Carlos Gardel where they are Assistant Directors.

Eber came runner up in the Tango World Championships in 2012 and in the same year, was special guest on the Television Gala for "Chinese New Year" produced by CCTV, Beijing. While Sabrina was chosen by Min On for a tour to Japan in 2014.

Together they have danced in important festivals and shows, with such illustrious companies as Mora Godoy’s Tango Company, Marcos Ayala’s Tango Company and Tango Metropolis. They have toured around the world extensively performing in Italy, France, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Germany, China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Russia.

Eber & Sabrina joined the Tango Fire Company of Buenos Aires in 2017.



Julio Jose Seffino & Carla Dominguez


Both Julio and Carla were born in Buenos Aires. Julio began his artistic career at 12 through Gymnastics. At 17, his interest turned to salsa dancing, which later led him to study and master Argentine folk, malambo and contemporary dance. Julio started dancing Argentine Tango in 2006, going on to join the tango company Vértigo Tango, which specialises in mixing tango with aerial acrobatics, training with renowned teachers in Buenos Aires.

Carla was introduced was first introduced to musical theatre. At the age of 18, after finishing her studies, she moved to Rosario (Santa Fe) where she continued developing musical theatre with an emphasis on dance; she mastered ballet, jazz, folk, Tango, and contemporary dance. In 2013 Carla’s professional career was officially launched when she participated in a musical show produced by Random Creativos in Buenos Aires.

It is when Julio and Carla study Argentine Tango with German Cornejo and Silvio Lavia that they learn the fundamentals of Tango Salon and Stage Tango, that they become dance partners. Julio and Carla have performed at Señor Tango, one of the most renown Tango houses in Buenos Aires and currently they perform in Rojo Tango, located in the luxury Faenal Hotel. In 2014, they joined Buenos Aires Pasión de Tango at Borges Cultural Centre, and Con Alma de Tango at the legendary Esquina Homero Manzi, in Buenos Aires. In the same year, they joined Vertigo Tango Company, and so merged acrobatics and Tango dance in a single awe-inspiring performance.

They were part of the cast of Tango Lovers, Immortal Tango and Lunfardo, touring through China, Russia, USA, Chile, England and Lituania.Russia, USA, Chile, England and Lituania. Julio and Carla joined The Tango Fire Company in 2017.